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Khaled Nashwan is a Yemeni arabic doctor and inventor, he invented device to expand the sclerotic arteries without an operation or surgical


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About Us

Dr. Khaled Nashwan Medical Center is a specialized center for the treatment of atherosclerosis without surgery device "Nashwan Barracaond" and treatment of joint pain to a "Nashwan painkillers."

Way "Nashwan Barracaond" is the latest therapeutic methods and most secure and least expensive and which was based on scientific principles and facts. Device used to treat patients with Btadhaq arteries where the sensor is placed on a patient and the patient in the case of the lower sides sensor is placed on the foot rest on the opposite side of the leg also cause the device by the probe waves under audio and audio and ultrasound and play those waves editing reaction systolic muscles of the arteries that nourish the tissues affected helps the perfusion after the first session directly, after twenty sessions at a rate meeting of the day starts vascular side due to the impact waves by taking the role of the arteries Home narrowed so increase the amount of blood flowing to the tissues Vtaathassan circulation in a sustainable manner forfeit or symptoms subside significantly either the arteries that are still deposits in its infancy, the treatment helps improve nutrition own Mmaesid walls of Mtatitha so increase their resistance to hardening and this effect in this case is a protective, and in order to get the desired effect the patient needs to twenty sessions at a rate meeting of the day which takes Aqrabhnasv hours performed the treatment every day of the official working hours ie from Saturday until Wednesday vacation either they are in on Thursday and Friday as the regime in Yemen formally conducted treatment at the center, Dr. Khaled Nashwan medical content in Sanaa - Secretariat - round culture ... more



  • Dr.Khaled Nashwan inventor of the year
    Dr.Khaled Nashwan inventor of the year
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    DR.Khaled Nashwan on Tv2